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Use data more efficiently

Do you know all important data about your company and your industry?

Do you know all relevant correlations and interpretations of your data?

Are you aware of the optimization potential in your company?

We can help you to analyze large amounts of data and provide customized solutions for your company.

Reach your goal faster with the appropriate methods

There are numerous methods and algorithms for data analysis and optimization.
But depending on the area of application some techniques are superior to others.

optimization algorithms ontology text mining Weka named entity recognition topic model RESTclustering relation extraction information retrieval UMLtriple store Bayesian network RDFrecommender systems classification Jena BIgraphical models k-means SQLsemantic web data integration Sesame expert systems OWLartificial intelligence Hadoop data analytics SPARQLfuzzy logic data visualization MLPsupport vector machine self-organizing map data mining matrix decomposition NERbranch and bound part of speech tagger multi-agent system natural language processing CRSdocument classification matlab NoSQL artificial neural network ACOmachine learning forward selection SOMmarket basket analysis SPSS AIsimulated annealing error back-propagation SVMMonte Carlo sampling scale free networks POSfunction approximation CCSbig data SAS conjugate gradient descent Hopfield network naïve Bayes R NLPmaximum entropy data normalization ICAgraph structure learning singular value decomposition EMparticle swarm optimization Gaussian mixture model ANOVAdecision tree sequence tagging backward elimination Hebbian learning CRFant colony optimization MapReduce named-entity extraction expectation maximization LDAbagging independent component analysis SVDdata preprocessing feature extraction PSOHidden Markov Model reinforcement learning conditional random fields genetic algorithms collaborative filtering Latent Dirichlet Allocation inference principal component analysis Kalman filter logistic regression Tf-Idfcosine similarity HMMRBF network linear regression multi-layer perceptron PCAboosting feature selection random forest

Thanks to our longstanding experience and expertise we can select the best matching method and tailor it for your needs.
We would be glad to help and advise you on your specific application.